Quantum Group – Platforms

Quantum Power

Research and development of renewable energy resources.

Quantum Advisory

Exhaustive project analysis, their resources and the state of the art of the applicable technologies.

Quantum Innova

Project development under a continuous innovative process.

Quantum Green Power

Envision of the renewable energies dedicated to agricultural requirements.

Quantum Computing

Design and implementation of dedicated and specialized renewable software solutions.

Quantum Land Development

Hydraulic and energy infrastructures solutions to lands dedicated to agriculture or livestock.



Development and construction of infrastructure and renewable power plants, economically viable and sustainable, preserving the natural resources and the enviornment.


The acknowledgement as a company who is creating highly sustainable added value by means of using the best practices of engineering, management, environmental and ethics behaviours in a constant innovation of the solutions.


The experience, the knowledge, the enthusiasm, the quality and the truthfulness on the works and activities performed by the team under a high demand integrity criteria in the business management to secure a durable success for our customers.

Executive Directors

We are a team of dedicated professionals with more than 100 years of accumulative experience in energy and industry sectors

Lluis Torrent

Founder and Partner – Quantum Power, Japan and South Asia Managing Director – Quantum Innova Director

Extensive experience in photovoltaics developed worldwide, with more thant 1.2 GW built and more than 4 GW in technical advisory services including Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia. Extensive experience in industrial plants erection and automation and high level SCADA systems implementation. Mr Torrent holds a Industrial Engineering degree, a Master in Automation and Robotics, a Master in Industrial Organization and a MBA from Instituto de Empresa Business School.

Sergio Asenjo

Partner – Quantum Power, Europe and North America Director – Quantum Computing Director

Extensive experience in complex automation and electrical hybrid systems and CSP technologies with more than 1 GW units spread in Europe and USA. Mr Asenjo has lead the operations in more than 14 countries with more than 5.5 GW developed in photovoltaics worldwide and more than 1.6 GW built in Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Mr Asenjo holds an Electronic Engineering degree and a MBA from Instituto de Empresa Business School.

Roberto Cebrian

Partner – Quantum Power, Japan and Australia Director – Quantum Greenpower Director

Extensive experience in photovoltaics with more than 3 GW in development and technical advisory services in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. Solid experience in wind farms development in North America (USA and Mexico) and biomass in Europe. Mr Cebrian holds an Aeronautic and Mechanical Engineering degree, a Master degree in renewables and a MBA from Complutense University, Spain.

Alejandro Vega

Partner – Quantum Power, Africa and Middle East Director – Quantum Advisory Director

Extensive experience in generation, water desalination, pumping and irrigation systems and industrial processes automation. Extensive experience in photovoltaics with more than 5 GW in development and technical advisory services in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia. Mr Vega holds an Physics Electronics degree and a MBA from Deusto University, Spain.

David Marcos

Partner – Quantum Power Director & Quantum Advisory Director

David has experience as Co-founder/Executive of 3 Engineering based companies, with over 175 jobs created and projects up to a scale of hundreds of millions EUR/USD. He is VP of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan and is Visiting Professor at IE University. David is an Award-Winning Process Automation and Robotics Engineer, M.Sc. in International Business Management from the ICEX and PhD in Production and Computing Engineering with honors from the University of Leon.