Innovation is part of the DNA of our work and our values. Quantum Innova is an essential part of Quantum Group. We strive to create the right environment where the ideas of our people can be connected and the perpendicular thinking fostered – Partners at Quantum

Quantum Power

UAVs  –  3D Printing  –  3D Virtual  –  Photogrammetry  –  Thermal imaging  –  Machine Vision  –  Robotics


Advanced Photogrammetry system based on caption by Drones for topography, and analysis of solar locations with measurements and CAD simulation with 3D printing and 3D virtual animation. Contact us


Advanced thermography system based on Drones for thermographic analysis of PV panels and on-line maintenance, and optimization of water consumption on technified irrigation systems. Contact us


Design and application of semi-automatic and automatic systems for cleaning PV panels on large PV plants with water consumptions restrictions. Contact us

Quantum Land Development

Smart grids  –  Mini-grids  –  Hybridation  –  Biogeneration  –  Desalinization  –  Land Development  –  BIPV


Simulation software for calculation, simulation and supervision of PV hybridization systems with bio-generators and batteries, for an optimal penetration of the renewable energy and reliability of the supply 24h. Contact us


Simulation system for sustainable agricultural applications including sea water desalinization, hybridization of PV solar generation pumping systems, energy recovery by turbogenerators and technified irrigation systems. Contact us


Multidisciplinary and multilevel design system for the complex architectural integration of PV solar energy on houses, industrial roofs, natural spaces and resorts. Contact us

Quantum Computing

Modelizing & Simulation  –  Short term forecast  –  Business Intelligence  –  Machine Learning  –  Artificial Intelligence


State of the art Software for analysis, calculation, design, optimization and modeling in promotion and development of high efficiency PV plants off-grid, grid connected o hybridizated. Contact us


Software for high accurate forecasting de of production next day or days of PV plants. The system includes hourly irradiation forecast, weather estimations and cloud forecasting. Contact us


Business Intelligence and Machine Learning for Renewable Energies advanced applications. Contact us

Quantum Advisory

2D materials  –  Batteries  –  Smart cities  –  Mini-grids  –  Holography  –  3D virtual


Applications of new materials to projects of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency; Graphene, Sapphire , HVE Gallium Nitride (GaN), Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and bioclimate materials. Contact us


New material applications for energy storage using solutions of sodium, aluminium and zinc as part of the mini-grids and smart cities requirements. Contact us


Development of applications based on holography and 3D virtual systems. Contact us

Quantum Green Power

Precision Agriculture  –  UAVs  –  Multispectral vision  –  Metabolic Engineering  –  Microbial Fuel Cell


Advanced applications for Precision Agriculture. Contact us


Synthetic biology advanced applications. Contact us


Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) applications development. Contact us

The tree of green innovation at Quantum Group