On October 10th, METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan) inspectors visited the Hokota photovoltaic plant (located in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan) in order to inspect their facilities and give their final approval.

From the construction phase, which began in October 2016, Maetel company (ACS Group) was commissioned, getting it to be connected on May 20th, 2017. After its start-up, the plant has successfully supplied energy and has been object of control to ensure that it complied with all the requirements demanded by the Japanese Government. The visit on October 10th was the last inspection necessary to obtain final approval.

Previously, Sunrise, the first photovoltaic energy project carried out by Quantum Group in Japan, also in collaboration with Maetel, obtained the same approval granted by METI.

The Quantum team estimates that the Hokota photovoltaic plant will provide 25,500MWh, energy equivalent to the consumption of about 17,500 Japanese houses.