By June 2019, Quantum Power, Quantum Group’s renewable energy unit in Japan, reached an agreement with Itochu Enex, part of Itochu Group, for its fourth large scale megasolar project in Japan. The two companies will cooperate to complete the development, select the EPC contractor, raise debt finance, complete the construction of the project and bring the power plant to the commercial operation date (COD) stage by early Q4 2020.

Sanko Megasolar is located in Takasaki, Gunma prefecture, 100 km North of Tokyo and will operate two solar power plants totaling 65 MW, starting construction by October 2019 and COD by October 2020. The power plant will produce 86,000 MWh per year, providing clean energy nearly to 60,000 Japanese households in the region.

Quantum Group’s track-record in Japan is based on the success of its plants in Sunrise, Hokota and Cherry Lake, totaling over 130 MW. Those three projects were successfully transferred to Itochu Enex, two of them already operating since February 2019 under “Enex Infrastructure Investment Corporation” vehicle listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Additionally, Quantum Group is expanding its portfolio to further enhance the growth of renewable, clean energies in other parts of the world, like in Latin and North America, Australia, Europe and some specific areas of the South Asian region.