In order to have stronger bases in the North East Area of Argentina and to satisfy the electricity needs of its clients of the Public and Agricultural sectors, Quantum Group has signed a business alliance with BraMaq of Argentina as a part of the Q-BPP (Quantum – Business Partner Program) program.

BraMaq is an Argentine business group focused on providing business solutions – services and machinery – to the Public, Agriculural and Construction sectors. Headquartered is located in Corrientes (Capital), they have an active presence in the Northeast  of Argentina, where they have successfully provided such solutions for more than 30 years, having 6 branches in that region to be close to their customers.
Quantum Group and BraMaq are actively working to offer in the NEA region an electric power solution – with a guarantee of power – which, in addition to complying with Argentina’s legal framework for renewable energy, allows to reduce its costs Operations.

The agreement between the two companies was signed on March 1, 2017 in the Province of Corrientes. Since then they have been developing business initiatives to offer to public and private entities in Argentina a sustainable, safe, affordable and reliable electric energy solutions.