Between 28th and 30th of last March, “The Solar Future” was held in Buenos Aires, an event organized by Solar Plaza, which brought together more than 200 companies from 20 different countries interested in renewable energies and the creation of a better future.

For the second year in a row, Quantum Group was invited to expose in the “panel of experts” modality. Ruy Campos Dugone – Executive Director of Quantum Group in Latin America and the Caribbean – made a presentation on “Solar projects outside the Renew”, focusing on hybrid micro-networks centralised and distributed.

Among the industry experts who were attending the event, there were the main government actors (the National Department of Renewable Energies of the provinces of Jujuy, San Luis and Salta), financial experts (IIC, Santander, JP Morgan) and developers of renewable projects, including Quantum Group.

During the three days that “The Solar Future” took place, there were sessions dedicated to large-scale solar projects, networking between local and international industry leaders and a dialogue on the regulation of electric markets and renewable energy in the country. The program of the event was focused on “Renew”, or the potential of photovoltaic energy in Argentina.