The Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina has given to Quantum Group the non-reimbursable amount of 2 million Argentine pesos.

The resolution, published in May 2018 by the Government, has determined that this budget is directed to the intensive agricultural establishment “El Picón”. The goal is to carry out a hybrid project with renewable sources developed by Quantum Power, a branch specialized in the creation of renewable energy plants within the Quantum Group holding company.

“El Picón” has developed a productive agricultural model that allows a high intensification of protein production in small spaces; in this model, energy is fundamental for agricultural development focused on livestock.

Quantum Power has developed a hybrid solution in phases to supply the present and future needs of “El Picón”, through the solar generation of floating panels it will be possible to supply the irrigation systems (central pivot mark Valley) that are in the establishment.

Quantum Group has been working in Argentina for years with the aim of increasing the use of clean energy and improving the quality of life of its citizens.