In the Green Office of the Corrientes Government House, on October 2nd a public works contract has been signed between the Province of Corrientes and Quantum Group – in JV with the local partner BraMaq SRL -, to build an Hybrid Micro Grid Solar & Diesels at Malvinas (Argentina).
This project will provide electricity to an off grid population – isolated from the national electricity network – compose by more than 100 families, 2 schools, 1 health post and 1 police post; will demand an investment of more than US $ 2.3 million from the Province.
This smart hybrid micro-grid will be the first of its kind in Argentina. The generation of electric power will be in charge of a photovoltaic solar array of 350 KWp, which will also feed a system of storage of lithium batteries of 800 KWh, leaving diesel equipment of 100 KW of contingencies – annual consumption less than 6000 liters -, achieving a penetration of more than 95% of renewable sources.
Commissioned this project, which will generate multiple benefits for the sustainable economic and social development of the province, the population of Malvinas will be able to count for the first time with electric  provided by a smart micro grid in a rural environment.
This initiative carried out by the Energy Secretariat of the Province of Corrientes has allowed savings of more than US $ 10 million, since only the laying of the medium voltage network to link the site with the SADI network would have cost a value higher than USD 12 million.
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