Quantum Innova starts precision agriculture activities under Accura program on different rice pads located in Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. The company has just launched the program after having spent months on its development, involving Quantum Green Power too in the creation of the product by providing its expertise and experience in the field.


As in previous products developed by Quantum Innova, Accura program was created to solve specific problems in Precision Agriculture. Some of the benefits that farmers will get from Accura are:

1) localized crop management

2) increase in the yields

3) agricultural inputs reduction and

4) increase in the profitability.


The initial tests will be done in a set of rice pads located in different cities of the Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki. The results of these tests will help Quantum Green Power to find innovative solutions for future projects. For the next year, the company will keep on increasing the portfolio of products that improve renewable energy projects.