The Solar Energy Hokota photovoltaic plant, in Ibaraki Prefecture, has finally started the construction works after obtaining permission from the “forest development” (Rinchi Kaihatsu) by Ibaraki prefecture and municipal approval (Shido Yoko) by Hokota city.

The photovoltaic plant has 21.53MWp and it contains 81,270 photovoltaic modules of polycrystalline technology , 10 transformation centers with ABB equipments and a main substation 22/66kV of 20MVA. The construction will be carried out by MAETEL, a company belonging to the industrial division of ACS Group, and is expected to be in operation in May 2017.

The annual generation of the photovoltaic plant is estimated at 25.500MWh, equivalent to the consumption of around 17,500 households generation in the region. Quantum Power continues generating clean energy projects in Japan to contribute to the country and the environment.