After the signing of the public works contract between the Corrientes State and Quantum Group Argentina carried out on October 2nd, 2017, the construction work has begun. Quantum Group Argentina, establishing a temporary venture with Bramaq S.R.L., has begun the construction of the project. The survey corresponds to the first micro-hybrid network of the Argentine Republic, recently initiating the works corresponding to civil works.

The work is owned by the government of Corrientes -province located in the northeast of Argentina-, and its main objective is to provide sustainable electrical energy to the inhabitants of Malvinas, since up to now they have been outside the S.A.D.I. (Argentine Interconnection System).

Once commissioned the plant (366 kWp of Photovoltaic Plant, 750 kWh of Lithium Batteries, 100 kW Diesel Generation) will have the capacity to provide electricity to 90 families, 3 schools, 1 health center, as well as 1 police station.

The plant will generate an annual energy of 380MWh, saving more than 82,000 liters of diesel fuel. It will be carried out through the laying of a medium voltage rural network.

The province of Corrientes, to be able to carry out this project, has approved the investment of US $ 2.3 million with the aim of improving the quality of life of its population.