Corrientes Governor visits Malvinas

The Governor of Corrientes Province, Mr. Gustavo Valdez, has visited the Malvinas hybrid micro-network that Quantum Power Group is building in association with the local company BraMaq.

During the visit of the Governor, who was accompanied by the Secretary of Energy of the Province – Ing. Arturo Busso -, executives of both companies explained to the visitors the operation of this first micro-network that will provide electric power to the entire Malvinas population.

The solar power plant, currently in trial period, is extremely important for Corrientes province because thanks to it, electricity will be provided with renewable and clean sources to 90 families, 5 schools and a health center.

The size of the plant is approximately one and a half hectares. Each family will have a power supply of 1200 W, equivalent to 8 LED spotlights, or the following home appliances: it could be running at the same time a refrigerator, two fans, a television, a stereo and a computer.

In this link is the coverage of this visit written by the local media.