On June 24th, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) awarded with the final approval to the Cherry Lake photovoltaic project of 98 MW and located in Mie prefecture.

The construction phase started by September 2017, being Maetel (ACS Group) the EPCC contractor, getting connected to Chubu Electric grid by November 2018 and COD by March 2019. Since its start-up, the plant has successfully supplied clean energy and has been object of different controls and inspections to ensure that it complied with all the requirements demanded by the Japanese Government.

Previously, Sunrise 11.5 MW and Hokota 21.5 MW, the first two photovoltaic energy projects carried out by Quantum Group in Japan, also in collaboration with Maetel, obtained the same approval granted by METI.

Quantum Group estimates that the Cherry Lake photovoltaic plant will provide around 116,000 MWh per annum of clean energy, which is the equivalent consumption of almost 80,000 Japanese households.